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by Alto Reed

"Legacy" is a collection of some of the most significant and iconic songs from my musical journey....beginning with joining Bob Seger many moons ago (Turn The Page), the formation of the Silver Bullet Band (Beautiful Loser), the song that helped launch Tom Cruise's career into the Stratospher (Old Time Rock & Roll), out first Grammy and "Forest Gump" classic cross country "Running" scene (Against The Wind), the song that helped rescue Chevy Truck, saving thousands of workers jobs (Like A Rock), my favorite song off my first album (Change The World), my buddy Dave Mason's first major hit song, at the age of 18 (Feelin' Alright), my favorite show finale (Gimme' Some Lovin'), a couple of Blues songs first performed by me and one of the Great "Bluesmans" of our time, my late friend, Steve Thorpe (Tore Down & Someday You Will Be Sorry) written Louis Armstrong, a classic powerhouse number (Detroit Diesel), and last but not least, the song penned for me by "It's 5 0clock Somewhere" and fellow Silver Bullet musician & producer Jim "Moose" Brown that signaled the final song and finishing touch to my album (I'm Home).....which expresses my deepest joy and purpose for having been blessed with my love and passion for being on that stage, in front of the fans, with a "Loaded" firearm....a Saxophone..............


Alto Reed